Why Specificity Will Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Why Specificity Will Increase Traffic to Your Blog

When you read a blog, you are usually doing so for some insight about a specific topic you know little about.  There’s nothing more frustrating than reading a blog entry that is vague in scope and poorly supported or, worse yet, just plain wrong.

Keeping this in mind, the purpose of this post is to remind bloggers of a simple truth that will keep readers interested and devout: specificity is king.

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Why Specificity Will Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Specificity in Scope : Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Don’t tackle big universal topics on your blog that is supposed to be about the best ways to dust shelves.  Readers don’t come to your blog looking for ruminations on the origins of the universe or to listen to general rants about untidiness; they come to read about secrets, tips, tricks, and best practices for dusting shelves.

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Speak practically and pointedly about your subject in each post, and you will keep your readers’ attention throughout the post, and will excite them about the next post.

The thing to remember is that you can’t appeal to everyone.  Remember who your audience is (shelf dusters) and speak to them individually.  You can even take a poll from your audience or visit forums related to your field to find out exactly what it is that your audience wants.  Talk to them specifically, and they will want to listen—which is the point of your blog in the first place.

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Specificity in Research :Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Another thing that will drive away readers is poorly researched and represented information.  If you aren’t an expert in whatever topic you are posting about, do some research and make yourself an expert.  People come to you looking for answers to specific problems, not general advice that they could have thought up themselves.

Part of the convenience of a blog for a reader is that they can trust the blogger to report trustworthy information, which saves them the trouble of researching answers to their particular problem.

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Establish yourself as an expert and do your due diligence to keep your audience happy, informed and coming back for more priceless guidance.

Aim for specificity and your blog will be respected, widely-read, and a valuable resource for others when they need it.

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  1. Yes, I have found that specificity is important. That’s why using the names of people and places in blog post titles can be a good way to bring in highly targeted traffic. You can also make it very geo-targeted as well — for instance by writing about specific locations.

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