Why is Clustering my Keywords Better for my Campaign?

Clustering keywords better for my campaign ?

One of the most frequently asked questions that SEO companies are faced with when they receive new clients is related to Clustering Keywords Better for my Campaignkeywords. Businesses generally have more than one product or service, and it’s only natural that they wish to use SEO to target all aspects of their business. However, this is generally not a feasible strategy, as it has the potential to make the SEO campaign seem ‘messy’ to Google. For example, if your campaign contains ten keywords, to have ten different unique keywords makes for an inconsistent campaign, and one that is potentially quite difficult to start ranking and in turn bringing in traffic to your site. If you’re a brand new company or have a brand new site, then having ten different directions for your keywords will also take even longer when it comes to a return on your investment.

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How should my keywords be structured?

By having your keywords in clusters, you are narrowing the focus when it comes to keywords. This means that instead of your keywords focusing on ten different directions, you might have two, at the most three, groups of keywords that focus on two or three different products or services for your business.

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While this might not be what you had in mind when it comes to SEO, the reason behind this is that it makes it easier for Google to start associating your site with keywords, and helps to build up your relevancy for a particular group of keywords. This approach helps Google to see your site as an authority for this particular group of keywords, and once it sees you as an expert in one area, you can progressively start to expand your campaign and focus on more keywords for the other products and services that you offer.

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Does this approach help my keywords?

There have been quite a few changes when it comes to the best SEO techniques to use, but one that is growing in popularity is the use of good quality content. By having two or three clusters, content can be written specifically around groups of keywords which help to build relevancy, making it easier for Google to associate your site with those particular keywords because it can see that they are relevant to the rest of your site.

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Clusters of keywords can also target different pages within your site, and this relevancy can really help to boost rankings and traffic for your SEO campaign.

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  1. Definitely, this is great. It is very useful article and I have gained more information about this. I strongly believe that Keywords plays a significant role in seo.

  2. It is really important to establish your own keywords before you are going to make any campaign so that activists may found and identify your campaign so easily. Besides, it is a good track of what you are campaigning for.

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