Trick to Download Torrents using IDM

Download Torrents using IDMTrick to Download Torrents using IDM

Today am going to tell you about an awesome trick that will help you to download torrent files with IDM. As we all know that Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a very great Download Speed Accelerator but it cannot download torrent files.

Update : Latest Trick to Download Torrents Using IDM

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And we also know that that torrents are very helpful to us as they provide most of our useful downloads such as Games, Movies,etc. and most of the people prefer torrents to download these games,movies,etc. but it requires high speed to download it. But in a normal way,it’s too slow. We mostly use IDM to download huge files in a high speed but IDM cannot download Torrents. Here is this trick comes to rescue.

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So, here we have do a little trick to download is we are using a trick to download torrents using IDM.

Download Torrents Using IDM

  • Go to . (Torrific is no more, So it will redirect you to home page)
  • Sign UP with your Email there and you will have a free access to that site.
  • Just grab that torrent that you want to download with IDM or any of your installed download Accelerator.
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When you have selected the torrent that you want to download that is grabbed the torrent that you want to download with IDM or any of your installed Download Accelerator, reach to the last step where the option comes to download. Yes, come to that torrent’s page where the Download button Occurs. Right click on that download button and copy link location.

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Create Download Torrents link for IDM

  • Now you have the download link of that torrent. Now you have to copy/paste that download link on the torrific site.
  • After pasting the link,click on GET.
  • After clicking on GET, you will be redirected to a page saying initiate bittorent transmission.

Click that button and that torrent will start Caching and it will take time to complete caching. When this procedure gets over that means your torrent is ready to download, it will turn it into blue colour and then just after that click on that download link and your Download will start with IDM or any of the installed Download Accelerators.

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One more amazing feature of this trick is that if you think that it is taking too long in the caching procedure then close that website. It will automatically send you the mail including that torrent’s download link. This is where registering on this website is useful.

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So, I hope you will enjoy Downloading Torrents using this trick!!!!!
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  1. yes,its nice service provided by to download the torrent files using any download may download your desire file in high speed.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I can download torrents using IDM and my download speed was increase.

  3. Ya, It is useful for many of us…
    It helps in increasing speed….
    Thnxx for your commments..
    Keep Visiting…

  4. Its work geat. But its only downlaod 100mb. I want to download 500mb file. Its Possible ???? Reply to my email.

  5. I want to need torrific primieum acount. Bcoz i couldnot download download more than 100mb

  6. Did not get to your point!!! See, there are no size restrictions to download any torrents using torrific!! You can download any of the size torrents!! their might be problem in your torrent!!!

  7. Very nice tips. I only use Torrent to download files from the internet. I’ve never known about IDM. I will try it to compare if the speed in IDM is better than using Torrent alone.

  8. Yaa!! It is a very nice way to download torrents in high speed!! A must try online tool!!
    Thnxx for your comment!!!
    Keep Visiting!!!!

  9. Dude! if you use my tips please provide my blog links. This tricks is already published on my blog.

  10. We do not copy posts!!
    There are several blogs accept yours in which these posts are published!!
    And I did not refer your site because I did not need to even look into it.
    Actually I was searching for how to download torrents in an easy way!!! The first result displayed was Torrific!! I looked into it,researched a bit and wrote an article about it on this blog!!!
    and if it had been already posted on your blog, it is not our mistake. It is just a co-incidence. Still we are sorry for the inconvenience!!

  11. but tell me if no body fetch the file that i need than how can download the file or how can i fetch it. does for fetching it i need a primium account

  12. now a while torrific is what should be there any other site providing the same facilty.

  13. I belongs to u.p distt bijnor I used torrfic many time but for some days torrific is not been opened I am keen to know when it possibile my contact no . +919528745461

  14. See is banned and is not available over the internet world.I mentioned the thing there itself and whenever a alternatives comes I will update with it.


    1. Yeah, Torrific is not working now a days.I also made post about zbigs you can read that article to learn how to download torrent file using IDM

  16. hello.. I think this trick is not working anymore.. because the website of is not available now..


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