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Top 10 Free Backlink Checking Tools

Top 10 Free Backlink Checking Tools

As a webmaster you should know about the Free backlink checking tools .Since the backlinks makes  a vital role in Search Top 10 Free Backlink checking toolsEngine Optimization (SEO).All the major search engines considering the number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks while sshowing a site in their search result.So upading with the quality backlinks is very important.Even while ranking any site Google considering the number of backlinks that are coming from other sites.Rather than creating number of backlinks quality of baclklinks is very important.

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Below are the list of top 10 backlink checking tools which will help you to analyse the website by checking the number of backlinks.Also some of the sites are providing detailed report on the source of backlinks and the pagerank of the source site from which the links are coming.

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Backlinkcheck : Free Backlink Checking Tools provides one of the best Free Backlink Checking Tools which analyses your website and gives a detailed report on number of backlinks ,Backlink source ,Pagerank of source website ,Alexa rank etc.

Visit the Website Now

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Backlink Watch : Free Backlink Checking Tools

Backlinkwatch is a famous for checking the number of inbound links to your website.It also displays anchor text, pagerank, total outbound links from the linking page etc

Visit Backlink watch now

iWebTool : Free Backlink Checking Tools

iwebtool is famous for checking the various search engine activities.It is also having a tool to check the number of inbound links.It will display the number of links to your website

Visit iWebTool  Now

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These are the famous Free Backlink Checking Tools that will allow you to check the backlinks.The remaining tools are listed below and you can go through them.

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I can only say that these are the some of the Free Backlink Checking Tools which is available over the internet world.There are number of tools available for checking inbound links and listing everything in this post is impossible.All the above tools are not tested by me.So I have a request to check the tools listed above and share your views with other readers.If you are finding any other Free Backlink Checking Tools please share it through comments.

Comments 11

  1. Most of the time i use google to check links using this simple query ””. Do you think these tools produce better results then google search query

  2. Gotta try these tools, Thanks man. Backlinks are really important, can you suggest some ways to increase backlinks?

    1. Mr Rahul , You can go through my blog to find the ways to build backlinks.You can enter the keyword “backlink” on the search box which is available on the sidebar to find posts on how to create backlinks.
      I hope you will get a lot of backlinks soon :)

  3. I also do use iWebtools in checking for backlinks and PR. I can say that it is one of the best online SEO tool in the internet.

  4. Thanks for great link :) If I had to add one more it would be Colibritool. They also have nice backlink counter. Furthermore, they provide many more features which help with seo. As far as I know they still have some free trial so you can test it ;)

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