Tips on Improving your Website’s Bounce Rates

Two of the most important numbers that web owners should look out for is their site’s traffic and bounce rates. We all know how important our website’s traffic is, but one figure that is often overlooked is our website’s bounce rate. So what exactly are bounce rates and why are they important?

How to reduce bounce rates

Bounce Rates

Traffic is the number of visitors your website gets daily, weekly or monthly. These could come from a number of sources such as search results and links to your site. Bounce rates on the other hand are the number of people who visit your website but have not visited your website and have not gone on to other pages.

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So why are bounce rates so important?

Higher bounce rates simply means that visitors did not find anything relevant on the website and have simply moved on to another site. Driving tragic to your site is one thing but getting them to visit regularly is another thing altogether. So if you want to get a better picture of the popularity of your website, then checking out your bounce rates should never be overlooked.

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Tracking your Bounce Rates

One easy way of tracking your bounce rate is by using Google Analytics. This allows you to track your website’s bounce rate by providing you with a tracking code. This is then used on all the pages or posts that inform you about your bounce rates. All the date could be seen in your Google Analytics account.

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Bounce rate is determined by getting the ratio of total number of page visits by the total number of visitors. Each and every visitor is important and although you could constantly get new traffic going to the site with an effective strategy for example, keeping each of these visitors coming back should always be a priority.

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Reasons for Poor Bounce Rates

  • Content is not what the visitor is looking for – this can be the result of using the wrong keywords. Making your website rank higher for searches that does not reflect you niche.
  • Poorly written content
  • Your website is hard to navigate
  • It takes a long time for each page to load
  • Too many advertisements
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Tips on Improving Bounce Rates

Quality Content

It all starts with wring quality content. Content is what get returning to your website and this should always be your focus. Keep content within your niche. It would be surprising to your reader to find a website talking about technology when they’re were searching for

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Fast Page Load Times

Would you visit a site that takes 15 seconds just to view a single page? Using fewer plug-ins for example reduces your loading time significantly. If you’re going to use pictures then using web friendly images can hasten your page loading time. Converting images to the jpeg format and using photos sparingly helps pages load faster.

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Organize you Website

Make it easier to navigate the website. Arrange and label categories to help your readers explore your website better. You could display your most popular posts at the top of the website to make it easier for people to locate it. Keep your web design simple. Content should be the highlight of your blog posts and stuffing it with flash, pictures or advertisements only leads to the confusion.

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