SEO Basics: Optimize your Blog post URL

Blogging Tips SEO

SEO Basics: Optimize your Blog post URL

SEO contributes a lot to gain a Successful Blog. So,One should concentrate much on SEO to gather traffic. Today am going to share a useful SEO Basic that is “Optimize your Blog Post URL”!!!Blogging Tips SEO

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This practice contributes a lot to gain SEO . Mainly Search Engines do not like very long URLs and words in the URL like to,with,it,etc. These words reduce the effectiveness of Keywords used in the URL of your Blog Post. Now I will tell you the trick to give a different title and a different URL to your post.

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SEO Basics: Optimize your Blog post URL

For example, I am using a Blog with domain as I am publishing a post on “How to optimize your blog post URL”.. If I use this title then the post URL will be:

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If we observe this URL,we will find words that are unnecessary such as “to,your” . So to get rid of these words,you firstly need to create a post with title as “How optimize blog post URL” and then publish it. And then we will get the post URL as:

After Publishing it, Again edit the post title and make it readable for all the readers. Here we will again change the post title to “How to optimize your blog post URL” !!

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This will help you to make a nice SEO friendly blog post URL!!! I have seen this method on most High PR blogs and most successful blogs!! If you implement this on your Blog, Surely you will implement a new basic to gain SEO.

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  1. common kuldeep,its common things you are sharing,everybody knows about it.tell us something new.

  2. When I was researching for the name of my site I thought that an ordinary name was okay but when I’ve researched more I discovered that the name that is on our URL is a huge factor on how to acquire traffic on our site.

  3. Thnxx for all your comments guys!!!
    Blog post URL plays a major role in SEO!!
    and @john you are correct that this is not something new but though there are many people around who do not know about this SEO factor….

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