Scan WordPress Themes to Find Errors : WordPress Plugin

TAC WordPress Plugin for checking Theme for malicious codes

Scan WordPress Themes to Find Errors : WordPress Plugin

Wide availability of  WordPress plugin and WordPress themes made WordPress to reach its number one position in the available blogging platforms.There are number of themes and plugins available for WordPress blogs.This availability makes the WordPress platform very simple to use.Single mouse clicks makes the themes or plugins to be installed in  a very easy way.

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Due to this simplicity we all won’t inquire about how suitable those plugins and themes for your blog.There are a lot of unsecured and not well developed plugins and themes are available on the Internet world.Most of the cases the free themes and plugin makes this problems.They will cause for your blog disaster.Such plugins has to be avoided for better SEO and ranking.

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How WordPress Plugin and Theme affect Blog SEO

In lot of my posts we discussed about how the blog simplicity and load time affect your blog SEO.By taking these things to consideration we need to install simple and fast loading themes to our blog.Also we have to avoid over use of plugins.Errors or bugs in the free themes are the common problems that we are affecting in the daily blogging life.If you are not a developer of a theme or you are not well known about coding it will be very difficult to identify these bugs.

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You may have to give a high value for trusting the developer of the theme fully.So what you want to do? yes,Here is the solution for the same problem.There is a plugin called TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) which will scan all of your theme files for malicious or unwanted codes.If any unwanted or malicious code found in your theme, TAC displays the path to the theme file, the line number, and a small snippet of the suspect code.So this WordPress plugin may be great helpful for you to identify the bugs with your WordPress theme.

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Installing WordPress Plugin TAC

You can install the plugin in two ways.Just follow the below procedure which will show you how to install the plugin into your blog.

  • Download TAC Plugin
  • Extract and upload the files to /wp-content/plugins/ directory in your site or go to add plugin in admin panel and upload
  • Activate it through admin panelTAC WordPress Plugin for checking Theme for malicious codes
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Another Way

  • Go to plugins->add new in your control panel
  • Search the term TAC using search box
  • Click install plugin
  • And click activate plugin

Once you successfully activated the plugin , just go to Appearance – >TAC .It will show the details of your installed theme with errors.It will also shows the static pages related to your theme.

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I believe that this post was helpful for you and you will check TAC WordPress plugin for finding out errors with themes.