MoreTricks is Now Dofollow Blog With CommentLuv

Now MoreTricks is Dofollow Blog

I am happy to inform you that MoreTricks has been added to the Dofollow blog lists.This decision was made by me after getting PageRank 2 in the last update from Google.So utilize the benefits of dofollow blog to get back links and increase the site engine visibility.

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Search engines and Dofollow Blog

All the search engine such as Google follow the dofollow links and ranking them.In the case of nofollow links the different search engines treat in different ways.But some of the search engines follow the links and some of them will not follow.But all the search engines makes the same action on the nofollow links that will not give any value or not consider for the ranking.

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So when you comment on any blog ,it is important to check that whether the blog is dofollow or nofollow.If you are commenting in a dofollow blog it will juice your page rank in a greater extend.

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MoreTricks and Dofollow

Since I made MoreTricks as a dofollow blog ,There will be a control over the comments.I mean that the moderation of comments will be strict and only valuable comments will be approved.While making comments on make sure that you are made a valuable comment rather that “nice blog” , “Good work ” etc.You can also note your opinion on the certain topics to get approved quickly.Since my blog has a page rank of 2 and also I installed commentluv you will get a lot of benefits on it.Commentluv will give you an extra backlink to your blog or website.

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Dofollow Blog and Risks

The transformation of nofollow blog to dofollow blog will surely make head ache for me.I want to work hard to moderate and control the spam comments.The spam comments are the major problem that with the dofollow blog.Even the bloggers are ready to share the benefits ,some peoples are trying to spam or use it in an improper way.I am also expecting those peoples with my blog.I have a request to all ,use the advantage of dofollow blog and leave valuable comments.Don’t make a situation for me to rethink about my decision.

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Even I know that , the number of outbound links will affect my blog in a negative manner ,I made this decision for all who love commenting and need some backlinks .

What you think about the change of MoreTricks from nofollow to Dofollow blog ?

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    1. Thank you for noticing me , I fixed this problem .The problem was I put dofollow option for only registered peoples.Now everyone can get dofollow backlinks :)

  1. Google’s spiders regularly crawl the sites.Once you put your link in any other sites.At the time of crawling that site ,Google will also crawl your site.

  2. Hi

    I check the source and still see rel=”nofollow”. Actually I don’t know much of backlink then but I think that is nofollow then?

    1. Please check back after some time.The problem is fixed ..The cache is stored is viewing by you …

        1. Yup, still nofollow. Although you’re probably right, it could be the cache is taking some time to update. Let’s wait and see!

          1. You are correct! The links in the commenter’s names are no follow, but the individual post backlink at the bottom of the comment are indeed dofollow! Thanks for the quick action!

  3. its so good news.i always check your has so much nice content to the way congratulation.

    1. I think that extra feature will utilize all the other bloggers for link building,Making dofollow looses my page value :(

  4. It brings free content in form of updates to your blog adn keeps it fresh in the eyes of search engines.

    1. Not actually ,number of dofollow outbound links from the blog page will affect the SEO in negative manner :(

  5. This is not any trick and this is a plugin called commentluv which will grab your latest posts and will add with the comments as a dofollow backlink :)

  6. Hi,
    I think that commentluv is one of the best ways to promote a website. It’s not intrusive and gives usefull informations.

    Thanks for turning it on !

  7. Wow, its great man, my blog is also a Dofollow blog! I think every good blog should be Dofollow!

  8. Its better to see the source of the particular the source code check for nofollow or dowfollow attribute :)

  9. not only dofollow links but i also read on many blogs that google also considering some no follow links for the page rank factors…. let me know your views on it

    1. As per my view nofollow links also considering by Google .But when we comparing nofollow with dofollow it will be negligible.Dofollow shares a part of the page boost up that tells the search bots to follow the link.May nofollow also considering but the value will be negligible….

  10. I am very happy to know that you have got some interesting information from my blog …Keep visiting ..

  11. Thank you sooo much for making this valuable blog as Dofollow…Spend some more time in moderating comments :-D

  12. Your blog still shows NoFollow comments. I have just verified. Please check it.

    Secondly, my blog is also a DoFollow blog. This is for information of all. Thanks.

    1. Due to the increased spamming , I just removed dofollow attribute from comments.
      Sorry For the inconvenience :(

  13. i have a major problem with spam at the moment. for every 1 comment i get 4 spam comments and the spam filter doesn’t get them all

  14. Well making a blog Do-Follow is kind of confusing means some blogs say that more links on your website from outside can be dangerous for Google Page Rank Updates, so is that really the deal or making Do-Follow blog is good.

  15. Congrats for being a dofollow blog. This blog has very helpful how-to articles tips and tricks.

    1. This blog is NOT a ‘dofollow’ blog, check the HTML,

      The HTML clearly states “nofollow”.

      1. I already mentioned that due to the increasing spamming rate.I reverted the blog from dofollow to nofollow

  16. captcha is much needed in each blog if it has Dofolloe tag …
    anyway i learn some idea from here
    thank for the tips

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