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iPhone 5 Released : Buy a iPhone 5 Now

iPhone 5 Released : Buy a iPhone 5 Now

Did you amazed by viewing the title as ” iPhone 5 Released : Buy a iPhone 5 Now ” ? .Actually the iPhone 5 is not iPhone 5 released buy iPhone5-nowreleased yet.This is a rumour which is spreading over the Internet world for a long time.Not only the text messages ,but also there are a lot of videos that is showing the exclusive features of iPhone 5.This is not first time related with the iPhone.We have seen a lot of scenarios for the last series of  iPhone releases.Most of the business experts saying that the iPhone company is working behind this rumours as a business trick.However the iPhone fans eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone5.

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To windup this rumours Apple has decided to conduct a press conference on October 4 2011 Tuesday.The invitation for the conference has been got for a lot of medias.As shown in the above image , The invitation is came up with four icons with time and date with a caption of  “Let’s talk iPhone” .

Is iPhone 5 is available in Market

The invitation gives a hint on what the iPhone is going to do on October 4th.As every one expect the release of iPhone 5 on October4th.But some of the experts are saying that iPhone 5 won’t be release on the October 4th instead they will release the upgraded version of apple iPhone 4 called iPhone 4s.If apple releasing iPhone 4s instead of apple iPhone5 the social response will not be as much of expected with the iPhone 5.

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Whatever may be the case ,it is sure that something special is going to happen on October 4th from Apple.Either iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 the society is waiting for the day of release.

Features of iPhone 5

Though the exact specification of the iPhone 5 is not available (Since it is not officially unveiled),There are some expected features for the iPhone 5.There are a list of features which are expected to come across the iPhone 5 release.Some of the features are listed below.

  • iOS 5
  • iCloud
  • A5 processor
  • 8MP dual LED flash camera
  • 4G
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IPhone 5 Price : How much it cost for iPhone 5

As the iPhone 5 is not yet released officially the price details is not available.However it will be a slightly higher than iPhone 4.There are a lot of improved features in the iPhone 5 ,So we have to expect such variation in the cost in the phone.As per my calculation approximately the iPhone with 16GB will cost £500 in UK and iPhone 32GB will cost £600.I am not ready to top with this price.I am also expecting a iPhone 5 with 64GB memory.

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Download Software , Applications for iPhone 5

Since the iPhone is not yet released the iPhone 5 applications and softwares are not mentioned here.Latest applications for iPhone 5 is updated on a timely manner.

Some of them may searching for how to unlock iphone 5 .I am also not aware about how to unlck a iphone 5 :( .

Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 release ? Do you buy a iPhone 5 ?

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  1. I was amazed on the new features of Iphone 5, new releases of Iphones are getting better and better. I hope that they will release it today but not the upgraded version of Iphone 4.

  2. Can you help me on how to download Iphone 5 applications and how to install it because i tried to install themes but i cannot use it? The features in Iphone 5 was greater than Iphone 4 but but some features in Iphone 4 are not compatible for Iphone 5 like themes, Applications and Games.

  3. I was amazed how you can say that iphone 5 is launched !! But after reading the post i got the idea : )

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