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iPhone 4s Officially Released-Features and Price of iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s Officially Released-Features and Price of iPhone 4s

By official release of  iPhone 4s Apple confirms that the iPhone 5 fans has to wait again for its release.Most of the peoples around the world were waiting for the iPhone 5 release from the apple company on October 4th.Unfortunately as like some of the experts predicted , Apple unveiled the upgraded version of iPhone 4 instead of iPhone 5.Release of iPhone 4s made a disappointment on some users ,since that was not expected what they were expected.

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iPhone 4S Look and Feel

iPhone 4s officially released features price details

iPhone 4S is looks like iPhone 4 at first sight.Even there is no changes in the size of the body.When comparing the iPhone 4 with iPhone 4s ,the changes are occurred in hardware side.iPhone 4s has came up with the same height and width and depth(4.5″ x 2.31 x 0.37) with a retina display of 3.5inch.All these dimensions are same as that of iPhone 4.What the Apple says that is iPhone 4s is exactly looks like iPhone 4 but it has a lot of extra and improved features on it.

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Features of iPhone 4S

Even the iPhone 4S looks like iPhone it has some improved features on it.Main features are “siri” – voice driven phone ,Dual core A5 processor ,dual-core graphics processor and a 8 mega pixel camera.

Siri-voice-activated assistant : You can use your voice to use your iPhone 4s ,This feature is called “Siri” .You can talk to your iPhone and it will assist you like a person.Apple says that ” Just ask, and Siri tells you that “.Siri makes phone calls, sends messages, schedules meetings, sets reminders, etc.

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Dual-core A5 processor : iPhone 4s is come up with a most powerful iPhone processor for ever.Dual – core A5 processor provides double faster processing.Which will make your iPhone is quick responsive and able to launch your favourite applications very quickly.

iPhone 4S for Gaming : Its a glad news for gamers , iPhone 4s is come up with A5 chip which makes the graphics seven times faster ,which will open a new world of iPhone gaming.

iPhone 4s Camera Details : It has a 8 mega pixel camera mounted on with a lens having a large f/2.4 aperture

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Video Clarity : It records 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second with auto white balance feature.

iOS : It is the worlds most advanced mobile operating system with easy to use .It has  a lot of features such as iMessage ,Notification center ,Twitter integrated ,camera enhancement , photo editing etc.

iCloud : icloud stores your data’s such as music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents , etc and retrieves wirelessly to your device automatically.

Retina Display : iPhone is come up with retina display which provides higher pixel density which can’t be distinguishable by human eyes

Other features are clear video calls , vioce calls , stream wirelessly your phone to HDTV , Print wirelessly ,highspeed data transfer ,Supports both GSM and CDMA ,using iPhone 4s.

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iPhone 4S price Details

iPhone 4S will begin to deliver for selected customers from October 14 2011.As per mentioned in the Apple website , the price / cost of the iPhone 4s starts from $199 .Pre-order starting on October 7th.

What you think about the iPhone 4S release rather than iPhone 5 ?

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  1. To be honest I am one of the person that was disappointed when apple announced that nest year will be the release date of Iphone 5 and instead they will release a newer version of Iphone 4 called Iphone 4s.

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