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iPhone 4s Officially Released-Features and Price of iPhone 4s

iPhone 4s Officially Released-Features and Price of iPhone 4s By official release of  iPhone 4s Appl

iPhone 5 Released : Buy a iPhone 5 Now

iPhone 5 Released : Buy a iPhone 5 Now Did you amazed by viewing the title as ” iPhone 5 Releas

How to Increase Battery Life of Apple iPhone , iPad and iPod

Many of us have problems similar to battery drains out completely very sooner than expected, sometime

How to reduce the transparency of menus in iOS 7.1

When iOS comes up with various features it seems that though they are trying to make things easier fo

How to use multitasking gesture navigation shortcuts on the new iPad

We all have to multitask these days so that we can manage to reach the deadlines on time without comp

How to darken colors for better visibility in iOS

When users heard about the features that they can enjoy in iOS 7.1 they readily upgraded their device

What to do when your iCloud storage gets full

iCloud offers 5 GB of storage for free, but within no time you will see the message that you do not h

How to have multiple Google calendars on your iPhone

Now with each passing day the gap between iOS and Google is shrinking and more users are enjoying thi

How to work with iWork’s new file formats

iWork users have the memory fresh in their mind about how hard it was to transfer a document from a M

How to use Windows 8 on android or iOS using remote desktop

Microsoft has introduced a remote desktop for Android and iOS version, so that the Smartphone users c

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