How To Play Google plus Games

Play Games in Google plus – Google plus Games

Yesterday Google added games to the Google plus interface.At the starting Google has loaded 12 games for their users.Now you can play your  favorite games like Angry Birds, Zynga Poker, Crime City, Diamond Dash in Google plus account.

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Getting Started with Google Plus Games

Playing games on Google+ is very easy.You can access the gaming option from the title bar.It will lead you to the game directory.You can see a list of games on there to choose.You can select any game to play.For playing any game you have to set permission.Once you click on the play button a pop up window will be come out , once you allow access permission you can play games very easily.

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Google plus game Angry Bird

¬†Google plus Games won’t Spam your Wall

As like any Facebook games ,Google plus games won’t spam your walls.It won’t update your status without permission of yours.Facebook games are accessing your wall and spreading their messages through your wall.Even though with Google plus you can share your scores and game requests to your circles.In Google+ the game notifications and the messages will be shown on the Game stream.So it is the safe way to play games in Social network.

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I am not yet played any games with Google+.When I got this news and I decided to share it with my readers.

Are you already playing Google plus Games?What is you think , Is Google plus games are Good for you?


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  2. Thanks for letting us know about Google plus gamer. After reading your stuff I have already made an appointment to start the game. Thanks mate :)

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