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How to Get Invisible in Facebook Chat

Most of the internet users are using Facebook and it’s one of the best feature is Chat But we all are limiting some of the features in it which is available with other chats like Google.In Google there are a lot options to change our status such as busy ,invisible ,off line and so on.Today we are going to discuss on how to make your profile invisible on Facebook or how to limit your visibility to selected peoples.

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Why I Make My Status as Invisible

There are a lot of reasons behind this on why you want to make your status as invisible.Some times you may spending a lot of time in Facebook chats but you don’t want to show it for certain peoples.Or else some one is viewing doubtfully as your presence in chat or you may busy with some other schedule.There are more and more reasons for why you have to make a limitation on visibility of your listing in chat.

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Create a list and others make as invisible

The firs step in making invisible to certain peoples in the chat list is the making of the list of members who are you want to show your presence.If you want to hide your presence from some one please don’t add those persons to this list.Below is the procedure on how to create a list.

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the friends tab
  • Now click on the manage friend list which is available on the center top of the page.
  • Click on the Create a list
  • Give a  name to the list and add members to it for whom you want to show your presence.
  • Add as many friends you want to that list
  • Once you are ready with list click on the create list button.


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Make your status invisible to others

Now its the time to make hide your status from others.This will make you invisible for your friends in Facebook who are all not in the list.Just follow the simple steps which is noted below .

  • Click on the star symbol which is available as associated with chat box(refer below screen shot)
  • Click on Limit Availability
  • It will pop up a box with list of your friends which you created earlier
  • Now tick the list and select the option as Only make me available to from the drop down
  • Now you can Click Okay !
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Now your online visibility will be hidden for friends for who are all not listed in the selected list.You will be offline and invisible to your friends all your other friends.


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  1. Most of the people want to be invisible in facebook & make advantage ….yes, its true ..the above article which is on GETTING INVISIBLE IN FACEBOOK does worked for me…..its an nice & working article….i wanna share this article in my blog….NICE BLOG!!

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    1. Sorry for the inconvenience :( .This problem is evolved due to the change in Facebook style.However you can still use this by the following method.
      You can create a new list using the option available at the left side bar or else for easy access Go to any of your friends page and click on the tab friends.There will be a option +new list if not click on show all list.

      This way you can create a new list and you can use the below steps to restrict in chat :)

  2. I don’t find the “Limit Availability” instead i could find only Chat Sounds, Advance Settings, GO Offline only. Let me know where i can find this option?

  3. Abe yaar,
    its not invisible, its again an offline nly.
    invisible means tht v have to see who r online currently and they should not see us.
    I guess in Gmail u can See tht right?
    Here Wat u doing is.. U selecting some people to visible list and rest still we cant see them.

    Tel the way to go invisible not to go offline,

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