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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

How to create a facebook fan page for my blog

Is it necessary to have a Facebook Fan Page For My blog

It is not necessary to explain why you need a Facebook fan page for your blog.You can understand the importance of Facebook in everywhere.Even in advertisements the companies are not promoting their websites ,instead they are promoting the Facebook fan page.Why they are thinking so? The reason behind it is the peoples from all the corners of the world are using Facebook.Nowadays educated and uneducated peoples are engaged with the Facebook account.

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How Facebook Fan Page will Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

In many of my posts I mentioned that Facebook is the main source of traffic.We can drive huge amount of traffic to the blog with the help of Facebook.Facebook has a lot of features to spread the contents over there.Facebook fan page makes it easier.Designing an attractive and useful fan page will drive a large traffic to your blog.Only the design won’t drive traffic to your blog.You have to update your Facebook fan page with relevant contents.Here is the procedure on how to create a Facebook Fan page for your blog in simple steps.

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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

The step by step procedure on how to create a Facebook fan page is given below.Just follow it and create a Facebook Fan page for your blog today.

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  • Go to and click on the “Create Page” button which is available at the top right corner
  • By skipping the above step you can directly visit the page
  • Click on the Brand and Product category and select website and give your product name
  • Now upload an image for your Facebook Fan Page
  • It will ask permission to share on your wall and invite friends.Make your option
  • In the next step you can add some basic informations such as website and description of page.
  • That’s it.You Facebook fan page is ready.
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I hope you like my article on how to create a Facebook fan page for your blog.If you are not yet created a Facebook fan page I suggest you to create a Facebook fan page as soon as possible.

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  1. Having Facebook fan page will surely increase the chance in earning great benefits for your blog. As all bloggers do, creating fan pages especially on social media sites is really worth it.

  2. I was not sure about which website to confirm and then I saw your blog and it really
    proved to be helpful to me. The content is great and easy to apply. Please post some more
    topics related to it.

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