Going Viral: Tips for Making Your Blog Infect the Web (and Profit)

While it is not every bloggers’ goal to become a viral Internet sensation, it is the goal of many. Going viral on the web is  Make your blog popularlike becoming a celebrity of sorts. With thousands upon thousands of blogs on the internet, becoming a huge success is no simple feat. Having a post go viral on the web potentially means profiting big time from the popularity. Bloggers everywhere try to market their blog and boost their ratings within the blogosphere. However, many of these bloggers fail to take a few simple steps to help make their blogs more noticeable and reliable. These three tips are essential to creating a blog that will spread like wildfire in the blogosphere.

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Build a Strong Name and Domain: Blog

Your blog’s name and domain are the logo that people will recognize you by. For this reason, your blog’s name and URL should be carefully chosen and constructed. Develop a domain that is memorable and interesting, but also straightforward and inviting. One of the easiest mistakes a blogger can make is using a blogging platform that requires a sub-domain. This makes it more difficult to locate your site and less memorable to a reader. Using WordPress as your blogging platform is a great place to start because it has no sub-domains. Once you have successfully found your niche (something a whole post can be dedicated to), create a tagline and logo for that niche. Make a name that is telling of your blog’s interest and focus, but that is also alluring to your reader. Creating a viral blog depends heavily on the success of your blog’s domain name.

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Create a Blogging Schedule:Blog

Develop a steady routine for how you will post your content and plan ahead to keep on schedule. Once you have gained a regular audience, they will expect to receive regular updates and posts. By creating a schedule that you always follow, you keep your readers coming back at a regular basis to find your new additions. The more consistent you are with your blog postings, the better. It doesn’t matter if you commit to writing one post a month or 12 posts a week, just stick to your set schedule. Readers like to know when to come back to a site for something new. Viral blogging is all about getting returning customers.

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Be There First: Blog

One of the best ways to go viral is by being the first one to discuss breaking news. While this process is not always the easiest to stay on track of (everyone wants to be the first), it isn’t impossible to do. Set up news alerts from Yahoo News, Google News, and various RSS feeds. This way you can get the information when it breaks and easily link out to it in your post. Get your opinion out there before others and over time readers will come to your blog to find out what’s new and what’s happening. More importantly, readers will eventually come to your blog not only for the breaking news, but also your opinion on the breaking news.

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Not every blog post you write is going to go “viral” on the web. However, simply writing one post that catches a lot of attention can make all the difference for your blog’s revenue.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for best online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @gmail.com.

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  1. Yes indeed very effective. Be the first on every important events to blog about. Sometimes some bloggers already know the upcoming hit on the internet so they are the first one to write about it, I really admire those people.

  2. Blogging is indeed fun. You receive appreciations and feedback. People will learn from you too. Blogging is already part of our daily lives.

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