FireFox 6 Download : Officially Released

Mozilla FireFox 6 for Windows ,MAC , Linux  and Mobile Download link

Now its ready to download Mozilla FireFox 6 .Mozilla reduced the time span between the releases.Mozilla released the previous version of FireFox browser on the last month.According to Mozilla ,it was having a time gap of 6 months between the releases of versions.But the time span has been changed and Mozilla is trying to avail the updates within a gap of one month.

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Download Link for Mozilla FireFox 6 .

FireFox 6 beta was available in the FireFox website for the last month itself.But they are making the changes and trying to improve the features by working on it.At last they released the final version officially for download.

The important change in latest update or the improves in the FireFox 6 comparing FireFox 5 is the improved speed .It also has some other features such as saving the memory , Advanced Panorama group ,Improved address bar.It also have the website speed test especially for webmasters.

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Download Links For FireFox 6

Download FireFox 6 For Windows

Download FireFox 6 For MAC

Download FireFox 6 For LINUX

Download FireFox 6 For Mobile

All the above links are for downloading FireFox in English language.For all other languages you can visit the official site

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What Is next From Mozilla

As I said the Mozilla rush up the releases ,the next version is already available in beta mode .FireFox 7 is available for download in the beta version.I belief that the version 7 will officially release within one month duration.

Did you Downloaded FireFox 6 ?

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  1. Firefox 6.0 is the best browser for me because it has security and it blocks all suspicious sites. But the other plugins are not compatible with firefox 6.0 and the other sites are not working.

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