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10 Effective Ways of Reducing Bounce Rate

10 Effective Ways of Reducing Bounce Rate

There are so many metrics to consider when determining the health of your website. Of course there’s your search engine ranking but we often focus on this that we often forget other numbers such as our website’s bounce rate.


For the uninitiated, bounce rates are the number of people who have visited your website and did not visit any other page. If there is one metric to determine the quality of your website from your visitor’s point of view then this would be bounce rates.

Getting people to visit your website with solid SEO work is half the battle but turning them into loyal readers could be the tricky part of the job. So how do you cut the bounce from your website? Below are ten effective ways of taking the bounce rate out of your site.

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Reduce Loading Time to Reduce Bounce Rate

Some people never get to visit other pages simply because they’ve been turned off by your loading time. Why would anyone spend 10 to 15 seconds waiting for a page to load and even bother to do the same process by visiting another page?

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Easy Site Navigation to Reduce Bounce Rate

Make it as easy as possible for people to navigate your website. Label your categories clearly. Organize your posts to help readers identify similar articles. Never let aesthetics get in the way of site navigation. Place all site information in strategic locations where the readers could easily get a hold of them. I just find it too bothersome searching for simple information such as the contact us link somewhere hidden at the bottom of the website.

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Killer Titles and Summaries to Reduce Bounce Rate

Some websites have a design layout that gives visitors a short summary and a brief overview of topics. Creating catchy headlines and summaries capture your reader’s attention. Using images coupled with a killer headline gives your content that extra push.

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Link to other articles to Reduce Bounce Rate

If you’ve written on a similar topic in the past then provide links to relevant articles. Encourage them to visit other pages by placing well thought hints. Placing links within the article for similar content could get your visitors clicking on other pages without them knowing it.

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Create a Clean Web Layout and Design to Reduce Bounce Rate

First impressions last and a professionally created website layout can leave your visitors staying longer than expected. Create a web layout that highlights your contents. Make reading and navigating the website a pleasure for your reader’s eyes.

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Use Search Box to Reduce Bounce Rate

It does happen! Yes some websites don’t have search boxes and this is one oversight that website owners should definitely avoid. On the other hand, if you’re going to place a search box make sure to place it where it could easily be located.

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Minimize Advertisements to Reduce Bounce Rate

Focus on providing good content and information for your readers and the money will follow. A website cluttered with advertisements leaves little room for content. Get your readers interested in goods and products by writing reviews. This gives them why the product is important rather than have them constantly flashing on the screen.

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Random and Related Post to Reduce Bounce Rate

Placing information at the bottom of your article for random and related posts helps them search for additional reading easier. Again make it as easy as possible for people to navigate your website.

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Focus on your Niche to Reduce Bounce Rate

Keep your writing within the boundaries of your niche. It wouldn’t be a good idea to discuss politics on a food blog. Write on topics which are of great interest to your readers. This could leave a bad taste on your followers and just wasting their time.

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Quality Content to Reduce Bounce Rate

Some of you might be wondering why content comes last in this list. We all know how writing solid content is the key to improving your readership but the first nine could determine whether they move to other pages. It all starts with great content but what you do in the background determines your bounce rate.

Michael Scottsdale

Michael Scottsdale is a professional writer and currently works as a consultant for online businesses. When he’s not writing for Overstock Silver, he could be found blogging about how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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  1. The bounce rate article was very informative and I will be utilizing some of these tips on my own blog. Do you have any advice on the layout.

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