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8 Tricks You Don’t Know About Windows 7 Task Manager

As a novice most of us think task manager is supposed to close down the programs when the system gets hanged, but people who have been working for long with computers knows that task manager can perform many other tricks than just closing down the programs that are not running. When some application stops working, […]

Investment in something fruitful literally!

Commodity market has been there for time immemorial where people used to involve in trading of animals and other rare items. Then came in a time where Gold and Silver were introduced in the trading market. When the market started growing bigger and more commodities were introduced in the market like corn and cattle. Taking […]

Top Thoughts Of Social Media You Must Read

Social media is all over the place. If you are doing some business, then you need to be there to make your presence felt in the market, as an individual you can be in one of the social media sites to stay connected with your friends and families an if you are an advisor then […]

Why People Choose Social Media To post their Inner Thoughts?

Social media is a platform where people meet up with their friends and stay in touch with long lost friends of theirs. The social media platform like Facebook in particular keeps you updated with the life of your friends and family. Even if you are not there with them personally, but through Facebook you are […]

How To Target User Attributes to Get Better Ad Response From Facebook

Social media has been the biggest platform where you can make your presence felt and where you can get to converse with your customers face to face. It is very important that you have a clear idea about why you want to be on a social media platform! It must not happen that you are […]

Why Hospitals Should be on Facebook?

Many people think that there is no use of social media sites for hospitals. There are sections of people who think that the hospitals don’t have anything to share or start a discussion with their clients and moreover, if they start treating their profession as a business then the quality of service might get hampered. […]

Make Money On Downloads & Share

Every blogger wants make money  &  their are many ways for that like Adsense ,Affiliate Marketing ,Shorting Url & much other ways ! But always wants get more & quick earning .If  you have website or bog  about  software’s ,music ,games ,Movies or other files  downloads then the new way to earn money by downloads […]

5 Best Places To Promote Affiliate Products

Are you interested in Affiliate marketing? Everyone wants more sales within less time.For sales to take place you must find best places where your affiliate products can work accurately and upto your expectations.We often couldn’t find the best places to promote our products.So we’re going to show you the list of best places  to promote […]

Google introduces Youtube SLAM

Youtube SLAM Google slams its competitors with a new feature for called, YOUTUBE SLAM. Yes, you read it right. Go to “” to experience this new feature, where two video can be played side-by-side and you can pick the best, by voting to them. New feature, will it make? or will it break?. Lets […]