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Tricks to Increase Adsense Earning : Make Money Online

There are some tips to earn money more with google AdSense,there are also some keywords such as Lawyer,domain yahoo,domain name yahoo will pay you more.Here is some of the trick is which I found by my experiments.

1.Colour and Position

You really should experiment with different ad positions and different colour combinations.Each time you change the colour and position just note the changes in the earning.I personally found some areas where the earning will increase.It will be better to add the ad units in the top fold of the website.The users will see more this part of website.Try to add ads inside the content.From my experience I got more earning from the ad unit which is put inside the content.When I come into the colour combination,You can give a colour which is suitable for your website.Don’t make it as the exact colour of your blog content,it is against the google policies.

2.Ad type and Size

From my experiments and experience I understood that the text ad unit will get more earning than the flash or banner ads.So try with the text ads.The CPC is high for text ads.When I come into the size of  ad block the rectangular ad units such as 300—250 inline rectangle ,336—280 large rectangle gives more earning.

3.Geo targeting

About three or four weeks ago google AdSense came with a new option that country analysis.From that I understood that google has highly Geo targeted programme.When I gone through that report I understood that the countries such as US,UK,Australia,Canada etc are getting high CPC rate.When we compare the American and other related countries with the countries such as India,Pakistan,etc it will be number of times higher CPC for clicks from US,UK,Canada than India.So getting higher clicks from America will get more money or income.

4.Upload images with tags

Upload the images with appropriate captions,when you get traffic from image search it will pay you more.

5.Remove borders

Remove the border of ads by giving the border colour is same as your back ground colour.It will make the ads as part of your content.

6.Use of Keywords

There are some key words for that google will pay you more money.Some of the keywords are Lawyer,domain yahoo,domain name yahoo will pay you more.

I will post more about the high paying keywords in my next post.

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