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Tips for Writing a Good Title Tag for Better SEO

Every one know that title tags makes an important role in search engine optimization.The search engines considers the title tag as a keyword to the whole page.Rather than search engines gives an important to the post title,the users who are all searching will see the post title.So it you should make it to very impressive.

As the search engine gives a higher value for title tags,it is very important to make the title as optimized one.Some of the tips for writing title tags are given below.

Place important keywords in Title tag

It is important that placing keyword in the title tag to make sure that the page is show for the particular search keyword.I recommend you to place the main keyword once in the title.Placing more than one times may considered as spam and will give you reverse result.

Length of Title tag

Length of title tag is the another one important thing you have to consider when you write titles.The length of the title should be less than or equal to 60 character.The maximum number of character which is available in search result is 70.I mean you can extend it up to 70 character length.But better to keep it within 60.

Make your Titles unique

Making the site content unique makes the ranking higher.Similarly you have to make your titles unique from others.It will cause search engines to capture your title very easily.

Title should point your content

Your title tag should best describe your page contents.So don’t for get to add the tags which will best suitable for your post

Company name in title

I don’t know how much it will help you by putting your company name in the title.It will be appreciable to put a key word instead of your title tag for better SEO ranking.

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  1. Matt says:

    Yes, I have found that titles are extremely important for getting more search engine hits. And here’s a tip I’ve learned from blogging: If you have chosen one keyword that has a bit too much competition and you can’t rank for it alone, you might still be able to snare some traffic by putting it in a blog post with another keyword (or two).

    Say you are blogging about celebrities and you write a post about Britney Spears. Obviously you won’t get to page one for searches for her name. So maybe you can write a post about an interview she had on a TV show. If you put her name, the name of the show and the name of the journalist asking her the questions in the title, then write a thorough post about the interview, you might rank for some related long tail keyword searches and draw some traffic that way.

  2. Heinrich says:

    Thanks, Abdu, for the great tip. It worked very well for me!

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