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How to make your iPhone, iPad and Mac work longer

One of the most common complaints from the Apple users is the time the Apple devices can work without recharging. Whether it is a MacBook, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, most users still think that battery life of these devices is insufficient. And taking into consideration the fact that new iPhone 5 is rumored to […]

New HTC One Series

New HTC One Series Currently, the HTC press event is ongoing at MWC-2012, and we just just heard news of the new line of ¬†HTC phones , the One S , One V , One X and One XL.but in this post i”m gonig with my favourite HTC One x     The new HTC […]

Android: Video Streaming to PC and Back

Android Trick: We displayed you the best Android phones available in the Indian market. Today, we are going to show, the proud owners of Android mobiles how to stream Video to PC, and vice-versa. Android phones have almost all the features and sometimes more than, what a basic user expects from his mobile. But, the […]