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Apple iPad 3 Launched – Buy the new iPad 3 Online now – Order your iPad 3 Online

Apple iPad 3 Launched – Buy the new iPad 3 Online now – Order your iPad 3 Online Apple the new iPad 3 launched today.Are you waiting to hear this news?.If yes , this may be a frustrating news and will be an end for the rumours.Apple decided to launch the new iPad on March […]

OnLine Desktop : Windows on iPad

OnLine Desktop OnLine Desktop: The application that’s going to change the view on Apple’s products. Are you one of those people, who got caught in the war between Microsoft and Apple. Well, finally, the app we are talking about, allows you to access Microsoft’s products on an iPad, without much fuzz. Also read: Apple iPhone […]

Top 7 iPad Applications for Successful Online Business

iPad is a great device for online businesses and with the numerous available business apps designed exclusively for the iPad, you can easily transform your business. Here are the top 7 iPad applications that can be very useful for your online business 1.       Pages With Pages on your iPad, you can compose, edit and share […]

Can my iPad Replace my Laptop and Cell Phone?

So, you have spent a lot of money on your new iPad. You love the way it looks, its speed, and all the awesome apps it has. In fact, you love it so much that you wonder if you really need anything else. Can’t you just replace your cell phone and laptop with your iPad? […]

Top iPad Apps for the Blogger on the Go

Apple’s iPad is the perfect device for the traveling blogger. It’s light, responsive, and has great battery life, making it a better alternative to laptops. Best of all, the iPad has dozens of apps that make blogging from the road easier and more convenient than ever. Here is a list of some of the best […]

Apple Penalized Around Australia iPad Issues

Lawsuits filed against Apple In terms of credibility, this has not been a good year for Apple. Considered as the market leader for smartphone and tablet devices, Apple has been faced by a plethora of lawsuits since last year. Last year, the company was made to pay Nokia after having been found guilty of breaching […]

iPad 2 vs iPad 3: which one should you buy?

With the new iPad on the market – a product which presents lot of new features that have been signalized to be missing from the previous models – one may find oneself in the difficult situation of having to choose between iPad 2 and the novelty. For starters, one could look at the price of […]

3 Apps That Will Revolutionize Your New iPad

Using the iPad would very much be marveling and interesting experience, right? You have the high quality image display and great video experience to complement the tablet computer’s great features. And there are still great features such as its high quality mega pixels camera, which graces the elegancy and beauty of the device. iPad Tips […]