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How to Submit Your Blog Post Directly into Facebook Page

We have already seen that the role of Facebook and also the role of Twitter in blogging.I don’t wish to repeat it again.We can see something new in this post.Now we are going to see “How to submit your blog posts directly into your fan page automatically?”.

Submit your blog posts directly into your Facebook fan page

There are number of applications available for submitting your blog posts directly into your profile wall or the Fan page.One of the best application for doing so is Twitter feed.But I would like to suggest you the application RSS Graffiti.This application is available in the Facebook application directory and you can customize it.

By using RSS Graffiti you can fetch contents from the feed and will post it to your wall,fan page,groups , If you are enabled.You have to add a feed address of the site to RSS Graffiti and it will check for the update regularly.Once the update on the feed is available it will fetch contents and post to the places you set up.

I personally using this application for posting my blog content to my blog fan page Tricks and Tips.You can also add this application to your application list.Follow the below simple steps to add RSS Graffiti to your page or group.

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to RSS Graffiti Application page and add it.
  3. Then you can see a list of pages and groups you are owning at the left side bar of the application.
  4. Click on the page or group for which you want to configure.
  5. Click on Click here to add RSS Graffiti to this Fan Page button.
  6. Give permission to the application to access the specific page or group.

Now it’s the turn to configure RSS Graffiti for publishing your content.Follow the below steps.

  1. Select your page or group from the left side bar
  2. Click on the Add feed button.
  3. Fill the Form with required data.Feed URL is important.
  4. Now click on Click here to generate a preview.
  5. It will show you the content from your blog ,if you are entered correct details.
  6. Now click on the Save button.

You are Done!.Now whenever you publish a post in your blog.It will automatically post it into your fan page or group.

You can see a demo of RSS graffiti post from here

Whether your posts are submitting to Facebook Directly ?

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