Asus Eee Pad Slider

Asus Eee Pad Slider Asus Eee Pad Slider – A revolutionary tablet PC with a slide. Have we imagined, such a device for a tablet? NO. A very unique tablet that stands out in the Tablet market. Asus Eee Pad Slider is a first level of tablets that is aimed at th business user. Also […]

How to maintain your blog during Vacations????

How to maintain your blog during Vacations?? The most frequently asked question by bloggers is “How to maintain your blog during Vacations??”, Yes, it’s true that it becomes quite difficult when you are going out for a tour or vacations or you are busy with your work, at that moment maintaining your blog becomes quite […]

Hostgator Maximum Off Coupon Code February 2012

As part of monthly release of hostgator maximum off coupon code, I decided to update the hostgator maximum off coupon code for 2012 February month to get maximum benefit for all our users who are all going to buy a hosting account.We discussed lot on why you need to host with hostgator hosting.The reason behind […]

4 Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio

4 Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio This post will be sharing some 4 Killer Tips to Write A Perfect Author Bio.  Every blogger has an author byline to describe oneself in few lines. But most of the people are unable to express themselves in a perfect manner as they can write about various products,review,articles,etc. but […]

How to Attract Guest Authors to Post on your Blog

How to Attract Guest Authors to Post on your Blog Creating a Blog and then writing few posts under it is not difficult at all. The Difficult thing is to maintain the Blogs like writing frequently. At some time, you feels to start Guest Posting in your Blog as it is very advantageous for every […]

Title Tag and SEO : Whether you Limit Title Tag to 70 Characters ?

It is very important to talk about the title tag or title of the post while we discuss about SEO.Title tag makes a major role in SERP.Today I would like to update with the importance of maintaining the length of the title tag. Why we Keep Title tag length as 70 characters ? However the […]

Rs. 129 Unlimited BBM Plan from Airtel and Vodafone

Unlimited BBM Plan for Blackberry Owners “Unlimited Blackberry Messenger Data Plans”. If the previous sentence, is what you were looking for a long time, well, time to pinch yourself and scream, “It’s Happening!!!”. Balckberry users from Airtel and Vodafone, can now avail this unlimited Messenger plans for a fixed rate, both for pre-paid usage and […]

HostGator Special Offer January 2012 : 30% off Coupon Code

Today it’s compeled me to write a special article about hostgator Special offer since hostgator team announced a special offer today.Unlike other hostgator articles which was writing on the begining of the month or end of the month , this article is come in the middle of the month.The reason I am here with is […]

3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do

3 Mistakes that most Newbie Bloggers do This post would be sharing my experience on 3 Mistakes that most newbie Bloggers do. Humans make mistakes. We are not machines that we may not make mistakes at all. It’s a human tenancy to make mistakes and later on regret/resolve it. When I was new to blogging, […]

OnLine Desktop : Windows on iPad

OnLine Desktop OnLine Desktop: The application that’s going to change the view on Apple’s products. Are you one of those people, who got caught in the war between Microsoft and Apple. Well, finally, the app we are talking about, allows you to access Microsoft’s products on an iPad, without much fuzz. Also read: Apple iPhone […]