Hostgator Maximum Off Coupon Code January 2012

As part of monthly release of hostgator maximum off coupon code, I decided to update the hostgator maximum off coupon code for 2012 January month to get maximum benefit for all our users who are all going to buy a hosting account.We have talk a lot on why you need to host with hostgator hosting.The […]

Mac Mini Shows Significant Improvement in Performance

Mac Mini – The updated Mac mini omits an optical drive, joining the MacBook Air in Apple’s efforts to slim down its hardware and push digital software distribution. Users requiring optical disc capabilities for their new Mac minis can either use Remote Disc capabilities to wirelessly use the optical drive of another computer or purchase […]

Get ready to wait in queue once more for “Apple iTV”

Apple iTV: Another great product from Apple “We are definitely NOT making this story up, on Apple iTV”. Sources say that, Apple will be launching 32- and 37-inch versions of a dedicated Apple television set in the second or third quarter of 2012. Apple’s supply partners to this new product “Apple iTV”,  will begin preparing necessary […]

Apple replacing recalled iPod Nano’s with Latest Models

  Apple iPod Replacement Apple has released their 6th version, of their iPod earlier this year, and there was a rumour that, Apple is replacing recalled iPods with their latest version. After a lot of research, to bust this myth, we have found the answer. Apple is indeed replacing the recalled older iPods with their […]

How good is your Antivirus against latest malwares?

Do we need an Antivirus? Are you one of those people, who thinks “I have a original copy of a top-rated anti-virus installed, so I don’t give a damn about viruses”. Well, if it’s so, now is the best time to remodel your strategy. Currently, about 55,000 new malware are written everyday. But the fact that malware […]

2012: Most Expected Products

Happy Christmas and A Very Happy New Year 2012!!! First of all, we would like to wish our followers, a very Happy Christmas ‘2011 and also a very Happy New Year ‘2012. In our previous post, we listed the top Android Mobiles of the year 2011. Reviewing past is easy. So, this time for a […]

Android: Video Streaming to PC and Back

Android Trick: We displayed you the best Android phones available in the Indian market. Today, we are going to show, the proud owners of Android mobiles how to stream Video to PC, and vice-versa. Android phones have almost all the features and sometimes more than, what a basic user expects from his mobile. But, the […]

Top 10 Android phones in India

Android Phones “Android phones are every where”. They suit all your budgets, different shapes, great looks and incredible performance. Android phones are a serious threat to the other non-android mobile manufacturers. According to a research, people choose Android over other because of these strong advantages: 1. True App Integration 2. Flash Support 3. Controlling the […]

What is Google Currents? Google Currents: Review

Google Currents Google Currents will definitely be a welcome addition to the already flourishing iOS and Android Platforms. This app will take the on-the-go news reading to a whole new level. With its very slick interface, and variety of news sources to get news from, I’ll say, there’s no wrong taking it for a spin. Although, the […]

iPhone 4S : How Siri Works?

iPhone 4S Siri iPhone 4S Siri is an Intelligent(Artificial) Software Assistant and a Knowledge Navigator application for iOS. Siri uses so called “Natural Language User Interface” to answer most of the questions asked by the user. Siri “understands” individual users over time and personalises the results, from setting an alarm to checking local traffic and […]