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How to Get Username for Facebook Profile or Page

Facebook is worlds growing social media network with higher user base.It has lot of features in it.Facebook allow you to create a page for your business needs.Today most of the business owners are concentrating the Facebook users to market their product.Today I am going to share one tip which will allow you to get custom username for your profile or your business page

By default profiles on Facebook are of the form,You can take your own user name for your facebook account.for example you observe my account you can see that my facebook account is at, This url will lead you to my account.Similarly you can get your own user name and can spread your user name very easily with your friends.

To claim your personalized Facebook URL, log in to Facebook and go to the link, Once you are there, Facebook will suggest some Usernames for you to pick. Facebook’s picks will be based on your name or other account information, and there may be one option to take your own name.

Once you have decided on the Username you want to check whether that it is available, click on the “Confirm” button and the name is yours!

You may not be able to get the exact Username you want. If Facebook informs you that the name isn’t available, you will have to try another form of the name or word, or move onto some other choice. Usernames are First Come, First Serve, so if you want yours, claim it now!

Similarly you can get an username for your Facebook page too.But there is a restriction that you should have minimum of 25 page like to get a username.Once you have reached the 25page like just follow the above procedure..
Note that once you have selected your username you are unable to change your username.

Hope you got a username for your Facebook profile or Page

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