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How to Geotarget Website to a Particular Country

GeoTarget Website or Domain To a Particular Country

Normally the country based domains will treat as geotarget website to that particular country by Google search.This case will happen only if you are got a country based domain such as .in .fr etc.These country based domains will treat as targeted to a particular country and they will have the more weightage on the Google search on that particular country.In this post I am going to share on How to geotarget your website for a particular country.

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Why I Geotarget Website or Domain

Geo targeting is mean by making your site available to a particular country location in the Google search results.This feature will be more helpful if your products are concentrating on some particular geographic location.For example if you are having a Web developing  company which is concentrated on India ,If you are got a domain with extension .in that’s fine ,If you are having top level domains it will share your traffic over the world wide instead of concentrating on India.The top level domains are in the sense that having the extension .com .net .org etc.If you are having such a top level domain and still you need to concentrate your blog to a particular location then you have to use Google Webmaster Geotarget website programme.By doing so You will get number of users from your locality and it will improve your sales.

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How To Geotarget Website or Top Level Domain

Geo targeting is possible via Google webmaster account.You can follow the below steps to geotarget your domain.

  • Login to your Google Webmaster central account
  • Select your site which you want to geotarget
  • Click on the site configuration link which is available on the left side bar
  • Select Settings option
  • Now check the Geographic target check box and select the country where you want target your website

geotarget website or your domain

  • Now click Save botton
  • Done!

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It will take some time to the settings take into effect.This changes will effect on all the search index of the Google and you can get the result of geotarget website . You free to make changes for this settings if you are not satisfied with the geotarget website feature and audience.

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  1. johnplayers says:

    useful information abdu,thanks for this info. post.

  2. Abdu ssamad says:

    It’s not clear that whether the hosting server location affects the targeting or not .Though I found that the sites hosted at hostgator is ranking well in the Google india search.Have to analyze more on it :)

  3. Dipendra says:

    I knew that country domain helps rank high in Country search in Google but I was not aware about Google Webmaster idea. Thanks for this.

  4. Hannex says:

    that was great information…keep it up..:)

  5. Girlly says:

    great post i wanna try this for my work i hope i succeed..

  6. Gaurang says:

    Thanks for such a useful info as i was unaware about the Google Webmaster tool.

  7. rakesh kumar says:

    I would not suggest geo target. Most of the time we develop our site for global audience, Unless until we have a very specific niche. i would not suggest geo targeting.

  8. 0man says:

    more than this: you can set geo locations on meta or on footer address or in articles (tags).

  9. Harry says:

    Great Information Indeed Abdu. I guess purchasing TLD for that particular country will also help listng in that particular country..don’t you think??

  10. Abdu ssamad says:

    It doesn’t mean the blog will entirely target to the specific county.Instead it will give a priority in search results

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