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Building Backlinks – A Guide for Webmasters

The rank of your website is mainly depends on how many links are connected to your website.Creating of back link is the risky job than creating a website.You have to update your back links to get your site rank in high.Today I am going to share here tips for creating back links.


Link Exchange:

Whenever we talk about the back links,it will come first into our mind link exchange.It is also denotes the power of link exchange.Link exchange is the process of exchanging the website urls between the webmasters and put it in their sites.You can apply for a link exchange by searching for the websites which have the similar theme of yours.When put your link in similar sites,whenever a user reads content from that site will also check your link for more contents.


Article Submission

If you are a good article writer,It is the chance for you.You can make a good traffic from submitting your article to other websites or article directories.When your article is read by user and it has a good quality,then the user will search for your more contents or articles.When you submit articles to other websites,it will give you a back link in the form either publishing your profile details with your website links or by simply a link.


Submit your site to directories

It is also important that to add your website to different directories.Adding your website to different directories will give you one way back links.Rapid increment the back link will also increase your page rank rapidly.There are a lot of websites that are providing submission of your site to number of directories in a single click.You can search for this type of websites in google.I made such one bulk submission to directory,You can check it here.


Sharing with social networking sites.

The rapid development of the social websites can utilize for you to get better back links.If you are having a facebook or myspace you can share your posts there.You can use some auto posting services to post there when you update your site.

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