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How to use Windows 8 on android or iOS using remote desktop

Microsoft has introduced a remote desktop for Android and iOS version, so that the Smartphone users can easily access Windows 8 from your device only if they have at home Windows 8 on their PC. The new version of Windows 8 is much more optimized than the earlier version. Touch screen is included in this […]

How to use the Android phone to connect internet on Laptop or PC using WiFi Hotspot

If you are using your Smartphone for browsing then you know how difficult it becomes sometimes to browse through the pages of any websites because they are not responsive enough. Even when you are trying to watch a movie on your Android phone, then also the 5 inch screen seems to be too small to […]

How to turn off twitter inline images in Mobile app

Now with Smartphones doing the rounds in the market everybody is on there. The Social networking sites are easily accessible from our Android and iOS devices so most of the time we are available in there. So they are coming up with apps and features too that will help us better our experience with them. […]

How To Click Screenshots on the iPhone and iPad

You found an amazing piece of article where a particular paragraph has drawn your attention and you want to refer it to your friends so that they can also enjoy or you have this image on the screen of your iPhone which you want to photocopy then take the help of screenshots. It will assist […]

How to sync your iPhone and iPad using iTunes

People who have bought this brand new iPhone or iPad are looking for ways to sync the devices. There are some users who have been trying to sync the devices so that they can get the things transferred without much complication. Syncing through iTunes, according to some is a thing of past as iCloud is […]

How To Stop Automatic Installation Of Old Apps On your New Android Phone

Everything has a negative side to it and Android device is no exception to it as well. Android syncs all important information to Google account so that you don’t face any problem when you are changing the device. Keeping a backup is important because that will help you storing in all important information in one […]

How to shoot and share slo-mo video on iPhone 5s

In our fast moving life, what happens when everything turns out to be in slow motion! Like the fast moving cars in the street or the trains or for that matter a runner who is reaching the finishing line, if the pace is taken out of them then these things gives you a completely different […]

How to setup iCloud keychain for iOS7

When something new comes up we all are curious about it and want to know what it is and if it is interests us then we definitely try it out. The same holds true for the iCloud Keychain. It was introduced with the iOS 7 update which basically helps the users of Apple devices keep […]

How to set up your iCloud email account on Android

It is hard to change from one operating system to the other so when you are thinking of shifting over to the other then you have to give quite a serious thought. You can easily compare it to shifting houses. You have to take care of so many things and then also you cannot accommodate […]

How To Check What’s using Much Space On Your iPhone

The other day you saw this amazing app and thought of downloading it, but the system comes up with this annoying message saying that you do not have enough space. It is frustrating because you feel that you have loads of space available, whereas the device is showing you that you need to free some […]