Android: Video Streaming to PC and Back

Android Trick: We displayed you the best Android phones available in the Indian market. Today, we are going to show, the proud owners of Android mobiles how to stream Video to PC, and vice-versa. Android phones have almost all the features and sometimes more than, what a basic user expects from his mobile. But, the […]

Top 10 Android phones in India

Android Phones “Android phones are every where”. They suit all your budgets, different shapes, great looks and incredible performance. Android phones are a serious threat to the other non-android mobile manufacturers. According to a research, people choose Android over other because of these strong advantages: 1. True App Integration 2. Flash Support 3. Controlling the […]

What is Google Currents? Google Currents: Review

Google Currents Google Currents will definitely be a welcome addition to the already flourishing iOS and Android Platforms. This app will take the on-the-go news reading to a whole new level. With its very slick interface, and variety of news sources to get news from, I’ll say, there’s no wrong taking it for a spin. Although, the […]

iPhone 4S : How Siri Works?

iPhone 4S Siri iPhone 4S Siri is an Intelligent(Artificial) Software Assistant and a Knowledge Navigator application for iOS. Siri uses so called “Natural Language User Interface” to answer most of the questions asked by the user. Siri “understands” individual users over time and personalises the results, from setting an alarm to checking local traffic and […]

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions in 2011

Google Chrome extensions Google Chrome has released its latest version (Ver. 17), and according to various technological magazines, it occupies the pole position among the browsers. The excellent built-in security features along with its supreme support for HTML5, Bookmarking and Preference Syncing are some of the many features, that comes built-in with Chrome. See Also […]

Why Self-Hosting is Worth the Investment

Have you ever noticed how most bloggers who blog for a profit have their own domain names? There’s a good reason for that. The benefits of owning your own domain are reason enough to ditch the free blogging platforms and take the plunge into self-hosted blogging. 1.   Customized Options are Endless in Self-Hosting With free blogging […]

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Increase Adsense Earning

Today we are going to discuss about the list of WordPress plugins to increase AdSense earning.It’s every one’s dream to earn a good income in his or her life and lead a happy family.There are a lot of peoples those are living by the help of blogs.As you know that you can earn a good […]

What is Cloud Computing ?Cloud Computing In Detail

History of Cloud Computing The theory of cloud computing and storage existed since the 1960s. This theory created by John McCarthy has now grown into a full blown business of the future. Todays advances in technology have allowed us to take advantage of delivering hosted services over the Internet. Known as cloud computing these services are […]

Convert Video Online Direct to PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP and Mobile

Of late, many websites like YouTube, Google Videos etc. have started giving the facility of online FLV, which helps you play the videos with Flash player. Therefore for its business consideration, these sites generally permit people to see videos online other than download. So if you do not want to see the video by downloading […]

How to Create a Google+ Page : Google+ Fan Page for Your Blog

Google+ team opened the Google+ page for business in the last month.I don’t know how much helpful for you this article at this time.I was busy with my exams in the last month , so I didn’t find to update my blog with latest news.Since Google+ is important for every blog owner , I decided […]